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Ritmo Dendê

Ritmo Dende

Ritmo Dendê specializes in Brazilian dance and the fascinating culture that surrounds it. We give classes, do shows and are involved in entertainments and events of Brazilian Zouk, Samba and Capoeira.

For more than ten years now we have taught many young dancers and performed at numerous important venues with commitment and enthusiasm. Known internationally for our vitality and style, our proficiency and professionalism, we have visited a number of different countries and been invited to take part in numerous international events.

Ritmo Dendê is our concept for working with Ritmo, the rhythm of different styles of dance, and Dendê, an Afro-Brazilian word denoting the energy and vitality of that culture.


Olaya -DENDÊ was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1985 and from 4 years old, dancing has always been in her life. In 2000 she fell in love with the world of Brazilian dance, so immediately she started performing and also teaching. Always willing to learn, she’s combined her University studies together with Fitness instructor qualification and Dance Training (Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz).

She has given LambaZouk workshops, shows and participated in Congresses around the world during many years: UK, Sweden, Holland, France, Spain, Czech Rep., Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Argentina… and all the DansaBrasil Barcelona Congresses, where she is also part of organization.

She is considered one of the best Brasilian Zouk teachers, known for her numerous metaphors, images and clear explanations that make simple even the most difficult moves! Her passion for dancing and teaching makes her do anything so her students learn how to dance well, spreading the love, sweetness and energy of dancing!


GABRIEL TORRES, known by his Capoeira name PAPAGAIO, was born in Recife and spent his childhood in Fortaleza, both in northeast Brazil. In Spain he trained as a Physical Education Monitor and later as a qualified Physiotherapist. Apart from being well known as a “Capoeirista”, he is a DJ and teacher of LambaZouk in Barcelona. As a DJ Papagaio pioneered the promotion of LambaZouk music and classes in Barcelona clubs and in 2005 began giving classes together with his partner Olaya.

He has given classes, performed in shows and taken part in LambaZouk congresses over a number of years and in many different countries: Britain, Irland, Sweden, Holland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Brazil, Argentina … and in all the Dansabrasil congresses in Barcelona where he is also part of the organization.

Gabriel is a very creative dancer. Even Olaya, his dancing partner for more than ten years, says that he sometimes startles her with new steps and pieces of music. He loves to dance moving in space and all his energy goes into the dance floor … … a whole lot of Ritmo and Dendê!